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Custom Fixie Bikes

Custom Fixed Gear BikesFixed-gear bicycles are all the rage in the cycling community right now, especially in eco-friendly, bike-loving cities like Los Angeles, Portland, Nashville, Chicago, and New York. They appeal to a wide variety of people from couriers to students to hipsters to fitness buffs to just about anybody that loves bicycles for their ease and riding experience.

Bicycle purists swear by fixies because the bikes distill cycling to its most basic form—uncomplicated, easy, and fun. Custom fixie bikes are especially fun, because you can pick from so many different options: color schemes, saddles, wheels, and handlebars. The options are almost endless! You can also buy them ready-to-go for any price range, and every major brand is represented.

So why buy a fixie versus a multiple-gear bike like a 10-speed? Because fixies are simple and of extremely low weight. Hence, the bike takes significantly less energy to put in motion and is much easier to maintain. Cleaning takes less time, can be done less frequently, and is less expensive. Movements of the rider are more efficient, translating into more effective pedaling. When roads are wet, many riders prefer fixies for their torque and maneuverability. Lastly, due to the lack of extra gears, Fixie bikes are considerably less expensive than their geared counterparts. All the more reason to buy one today!

Specialty fixie bikes offer endless options for customization, and serious bikers take every opportunity to trick out their rides. Fixie bikes by Pure Fix Cycles are known for their customizable features. Eye-catching color combinations with flashy fluorescents like yellows, greens, and pinks are especially popular. You, too, can have a great-looking new custom fixed gear bicycle with!