Fixies Meet Mainstream Culture in Premium Rush

Fixies Go MainstreamAccording to followers of popular culture, when a trend hits the silver screen, it’s officially achieved mainstream status. Such is the case of the hipper-than-hip fixie bike, which hits theaters around the world in Premium Rush this summer. Even though fixed gear bicycles have become common on city streets all over the United States and Europe, fixie riders can rejoice in finally being represented on the big screen.

About the Film
The latest film from director David Koepp and producer Gavin Polone, Premium Rush stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the fixed-gear-riding protagonist, Wilee. The plot entails Gordon-Levitt, a skinny jean-wearing bike messenger, getting unintentionally tangled in a sinister plot much bigger than himself. Michael Shannon and Dania Ramirez co-star, with Shannon playing a corrupt police officer and Ramirez, a fellow bike messenger.
Fixie Meets Fame
Just listen to the opening lines in the movie’s official trailer, narrated in Wilee’s voice: “I like to ride. Fixed gear. No brakes – can’t stop. Don’t want to, either.” What better vehicle is there to put a fresh twist on the classic chase movie? And that’s just what director David Koepp set out to do. The renowned filmmaker, whose credits include Panic Room, Jurassic Park, and Mission: Impossible, has accumulated a record as the fourth-highest selling screenwriter in history and recently admitted to a secret love of maps, which triggered the making of Premium Rush.
Fixie Takes on NYC, Cars, Road Bikes, and Our Hearts
Filmed in locations all over New York, including such iconic spots as Central Park, Canal Street, and the Columbia University campus, the movie depicts the rush-inducing entertainment of a chase film, except on agile bicycle rather than cumbersome car. In fact, the filmmakers seem to glorify the bicycle over more unwieldy vessels, through several calculated moves.
First, Koepp juxtaposes Gordon-Levitt’s beat-up fixie with the car driven by antagonist Bobby Monday (played by Michael Shannon). On his fixie, Gordon-Levitt is capable of spry maneuvers unthinkable by car.
In addition, Koepp injects a second level of competition in the form of Manny (played by Wolé Parks), another bike messenger who competes with Gordon-Levitt over love interest Vanessa (Ramirez), as well as the company’s prime deliveries. Manny rides a fancy, expensive, multi-geared road bike. Take a guess at who wins that race…
Taking the role of the archetypical underdog, Gordon-Levitt’s character defies all odds with the confidence and wit we’ve come to expect from him, all the while exalting the bike that makes it possible. You’ll fall in love with two characters in this film: Wilee and his fixie.
Now, with fixie bikes making their big-screen debut, the world is taking notice of the swiftest and hippest bike on the market. To get a taste of the unparalleled freedom and fun of riding a fixed-gear, visit Join the culture of two-wheeled motion defining our generation today.

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